Move Complete, Life Resumes

My family moved into our new home on July 9th, and I’ve been quite busy with unpacking and getting all of my schoolwork done that I haven’t had much time to devote to blogging. Now I’m feeling far more settled, and regular blogging can resume.

Earlier this summer I took on a part-time editing job. I love so many aspects of it, not the least of which is that it keeps me informed as to what’s going on in the world. I’m not what anyone would call a news-junkie, but I do like to keep my head up as it were.

Another benefit is that it doesn’t sap my writing energy, as freelance writing sometimes did. Instead, I feel as though it makes me a more effective writer, because every day for an hour or so, I am focused on taking what’s already been written, and making it clearer and more efficient.

I’ve also taken the next step to submitting several short stories for publication. Getting the mail this last week has been fun–almost every day I’ve received a sample copy from one of the literary journals to which I plan to market my writing. Over the last few months, I’ve written a decent amount of literary fiction, and it’s time to see how that does in the professional literary world.

The next step is to read through them all–this will take some time, but I’m looking forward to the project.

Move Complete

This has been one crazy week. We got into our new house on Wednesday, and some of our stuff was delivered (beds, some furniture, etc). Yesterday the rest came. Now comes the task of settling in and unpacking. I own too many books (shock of shocks)–it’s official. I may have to divest myself of some of them…I will have to see what I can cull out when I get those boxes open.

Ten boxes of books, three boxes of clothes…pretty obvious which I prefer to buy.

I can also start getting ahead of homework again. The last month has been tough–would have been tougher without my chromebook–but it will feel good, after today, to get ahead. Today I have an analysis paper and a short story to write, as well as discussion response posts.

Homework is like unpacking…one thing at a time.

Working Out with the Masters

At present I’m on board a ferry to cross the Long Island Sound for the weekend. I’m writing this offline, so by the time you see it, I will be off the boat, but I figured now was a good time to write about what happened this afternoon.

Knowing I would be away for a few days, I scheduled a private lesson with my instructor at the dojo early this afternoon. We were about halfway through–and talking in part about how I need to start making more contact–when our grand master walked in.

To work with a master and a grand master on my latest combinations was fantastic. I have a lot of work to do, but I still have another 2 years and 4 months to get to where I need to be. Some shifts I need to start working on with my combinations include:

1. Hitting faster and off-rhythm, worrying less about smooth movements and more about short bursts of power.

2. Making more contact and adapting strikes so that I can hit safely. This has been a challenge for me for years–I can take a hit well enough, but giving them is a different story.

3. Working more with the animals–today we talked about how to move like the leopard with one of my combinations, and southern tiger in another combination.

Overall it was a fantastic lesson–I’m so glad I took the opportunity.

Beach Roses

Today I’m describing the garden at the beach house.

Coral pink blossoms escape a white-picket prison, drinking up the sun and salt-air. They mingle with lipstick-red petals, rustling in the off-shore breeze. The tide is coming in; the flowers and leaves sway like metronomes. A smoky dog stands guard among the wood chips, barking at golden retrievers trotting past.