So I got feedback for 2 out of 5 short stories to be written this term in my Fiction Fundamentals. Feeling pretty good about both of these stories, but I probably won’t post them here because I’d like to make them a little longer (our stories have to be 1200 words or less) and try to submit them to a few markets. Hopefully I’ll be sharing news of their being accepted somewhere.

I think I’ll devote some of the time I’ll have this summer to editing and submitting work.

Feedback for my most recent story

This is definitely the type of story I plan on lengthening–perhaps to twice or three times its current word count. The story takes place during a hurricane, and through their preparations and survival of the storm, the tension between a young couple is explored. I won’t say more than that for now! Stay tuned. :) The story’s working title is Peanut Butter & Jelly.

Bedtime Reading

I decided to get some extra homework done tonight so I pulled out the shortest web resource I have to read for American Literature tonight (it’s been a long day so I decided to go with something short). Of course, this meant reading about lynch mobs in the South right before going to bed.

I think I’ll watch an episode of the Simpsons or something humorous before I close my eyes.