Feeling Hemmed In


For the last month, I’ve tried writing with an editorial calendar. I know that it’s what many people recommend for a successful blog, but the more I plan ahead, the more I feel trapped, and the less I blog.

It sounds counter-intuitive, perhaps, but I blogged almost every single day in October. This month, I’ve only written one to two blog entries a week. So, in the spirit of discovering how to make this blog work for me and be valuable to readers, I’m ditching my editorial calendar.

Dear Editorial Calendar:

That’s not to say I won’t still write ideas and keep a list of them in case I need to pull one out…but I’m more productive when I aim to write every day instead of trying to hold to a particular schedule of topics.

Also, podcasting while the undergrad semesters are in session (i.e. while I’m TA-ing) is insane. I will continue my podcast on breaks and over the summer. I do have plans to occasionally–whenever she’s free–have a guest on with me, but there won’t be any more episodes until the semester is over.

While I’ve run blogs before, including blogs about writing, I’ve not done so while in school, so this site is like an experiment right now. Thanks for joining me!

Update: I will be blogging here 3x a week (Tue, Thu, and Sat) because of other blogging projects.