Inspiration in My Own Back Yard

IMG_1444Today temperatures reached an unseasonable 50+ degrees. While I’m concerned about what this indicates for our planet–usually in February we don’t really climb out of the forties–it made it a pleasant day to go for a walk.

Nearby there’s a state park called Chatfield Hollow. The park has caves, trails, pines that I’m guessing must be hundreds of years old, a little lake/large pond, river, and a boardwalk that goes through a swamp with plenty of colorful flora and fauna.

People can fish there, walk dogs there, ride horses there, picnic there…you get the point. But, during the winter months, the park is nearly empty. It’s a great place to go for some quiet time in nature, without the interruptions of our modern world. For historical fiction writers whose characters enjoy traipsing around the Connecticut woods, this is as inspiring as a park can be.

Today, after getting some incredibly thorough feedback on my first submission (I’m totally stoked about it by the way), going somewhere so restorative and inspiring helped me wrap my head around much of that feedback.

I’m still going to re-read it Thursday. I’m talking with my mentor over the weekend, and I enjoyed the opportunity to take a walk, get myself out of my everyday world, and think.

Plus, as a bonus, I got to visit my cousin for about an hour and a half afterward. All in all, a perfect afternoon, followed by an amazing morning.