5 in 150: Creation


Susanna peeled the photograph from the sticky album page. Age and sunlight tinted the three faces staring up at her reddish-orange. Those faces belonged to a younger version of herself, her older sister, and their younger brother. They sat in a circle on the river bank at her parents’ old country house. They were playing Creation, a game they made up where they would tell one another about make-believe worlds. Susanna’s favorite was one where they’d never grow old.

Her gaze shifted to the knotted vein on her hand. She wouldn’t have chosen eighty-seven. Thirty-one was better—the year before the boating accident.

“Who are they, Nana?” Perry, her six-year-old nephew, crawled onto the oversized chair beside her.

“Memories,” she answered, her voice paper thin. She placed the photo back the album and closed it. “Let’s play a game—let’s create worlds that no one has ever dreamed up before.”

This is my 150-word story including the words vein, circle, creation, river, and photograph, inspired by the 5 in 150 prompt I posted earlier this week.