Three’s a Crowd

“Speak not, reply not, do not answer me!” Sara threw up her hand.

Frowning, Neve looked at the books in her friend’s arms. “You know, you might be taking your Shakespeare obsession a little too far. All I said is that maybe you should consider—”

Sara’s expression darkened with each word until she thrust her books at Neve. “And you could do with some more Shakespeare. You have no poetry in you, you dark heart.” She turned on her heel and tried to storm off, but the between-classes traffic stalled her.

Neve reached out and grabbed the elbow of her sleeve. “Hold up, Sara. I know you don’t want to hear it, but he was kissing someone else. I wouldn’t lie.”

Sara shrugged Neve off and ducked into the crowd like a fish joining an upstream school. Neve let her head loll back and let out a groan. The bell rang, and everyone shuffled faster; Neve walked across the hall into Mr. Basset’s history class. “Am I cold-hearted?” she asked Andrew, Sara’s boyfriend.

“You? Maybe. But I like that you were brave enough to get rid of Sara for us.”

This is my response to Sunday’s writing prompt. The tome? Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare.

What do you think?

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