Published Works

Want to see some of my writing? Below please find a select listing of works I’ve had published. Some are available online, indicated by the hyperlinked text.


Nonfiction About Writing & Literature

Nonfiction About Education

Nonfiction About Life

I’ve written plenty about other industries, but for the sake of this site and my focus here, I’ve decided to list work I’ve done on these nonfiction topics. Additionally, much of the other nonfiction work I’ve done was ghostwritten. However, I’d be happy to put together a portfolio for you on another industry I’ve written in (listed below). Please contact me to make your request.

Other Industries & Topics I’ve Written About

  • Travel
  • Insurance
  • Digital Marketing
  • Automotive
  • Home Design/Real Estate
  • Journalism/Politics
  • Job hunting
  • Small Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Animals