Have you always thought you had a book in you, but didn’t know how to approach writing it? Maybe you’ve started writing a book and need some guidance. Perhaps it’s not a book you need, but an article, white paper, blog, or website content. If you’re looking for ghostwriting services, you’ve come to the right place.

Keep reading to find out what you’ll get when you choose me as your ghost, and what my process is.


When you work with me, you’ll get your first 1/2-hour consultation free-of-charge. This is a great opportunity to explore your needs and start brainstorming your project if that’s required. It’s also an opportunity for us both to determine whether we can have a productive professional relationship.

Some projects require more consultation time than others, so after the first 1/2 hour, I do have to charge, but it will never be without your knowledge beforehand. If you need more consultations as the project gets moving, that’s fine, too.

The Quote

After your complimentary consultation, I’ll talk with you about supplying a quote. I will let you know my per hour and per word rates, and let you choose which type of rate you’d like to work with. My rates are always in line with those published by the Editorial Freelancers Association, for fairness and consistency.

Quotes are valid for 30 calendar days; after that, you will have to request a fresh quote. If you find the quote amenable to your needs, you let me know and we move on to the next phase of your project.

The Contract

When I was new to professional freelance writing, sometimes I would take on projects without a signed contract. This always ended poorly for all involved. A signed contract is a requirement for every project; it protects us both and also lays out all the expectations ahead of time. Your contract will include:

  • Rates and payment schedule
  • Projected project length in words and/or hours
  • Schedule of draft & revision deadlines
  • Included services
  • Costs for extra services as needed

Once you review and sign the contract, you’ll send it back to me. Then I’ll sign and we can move on.

First Payment

I charge 10% of the total projected cost of the project before I begin work. This goes toward your total project cost, and it gets you into my workflow and onto my calendar. This marks the beginning of my work on your project. I cannot start a project until the first payment is sent and cleared.

Revisions & Input

This is your project so I won’t keep it a secret. I want your feedback so that I can ensure that you’re pleased with the project. Every ghostwriting project I write comes with a complimentary round of revisions. Additional revisions can be purchased as needed, but it’s my goal to ensure that you’re pleased without having to tack those on.

If your project is long, such as a novel, you may receive portions of it as I write, so that subsequent sections may benefit from your feedback. This schedule will be discussed before you sign your contract.

Any Questions?

It’s okay if you have questions about my process or how my experience as a professional freelance writer can help bring your ideas to life. To talk about how to get going with your fiction or nonfiction project, reach out to me today.