Under the Golden Cross

“Didn’t you kill any Turks today?”

Joseph looked down at his tunic, white with a red cross. The other man, large and looming, wore a dark splatter across his. A badge. “I carry the golden cross. I’m no killer.”

At dawn, Joe rode into battle. Pulled from his horse, he dropped the cross and plunged his knife into his attacker’s neck. Red sprayed across Joe’s tunic, dripped onto the cross in golden sand.

This piece of historical micro-fiction takes place during the Crusades, a topic I’ve always been interested in writing about–but I need to do much more research before even imagining writing a novel set against the backdrop of those wars.

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt: Historical Micro-Fiction


I love historical fiction, and micro-fiction is fun to write. So today’s writing prompt is to write a work of historical micro-fiction. You can pick any historical time period, any place, any event. But here’s the tricky part: Don’t exceed 75 words. Have fun!

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt: Music


Write a story based on your favorite song. You can incorporate the song’s lyrics into your story if you want to (so long as you credit the singer/songwriter/band). Try to keep it to 1,000 words or less.

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt: Fish

This week, I want you to write a story about a fish out of water. Your protagonist can find herself in a new place, facing a language barrier, or something much smaller-scale. Have fun! You have 1,500 words.

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt: Tech Takeover

This week, your writing prompt is to compose a story in which technology takes over. It can be anything from technology affecting one person to the entire world. It can be a blessing or a curse, or both. You have up to 1,000 words.

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt: Snowed In

Given the snowy day where I am (and the near heart attack that my car might be towed followed by the relief that it shouldn’t be), today I want you to write about being snowed in. You have up to 1,000 words. Happy writing!

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt: Get in the Game

The other day, I went to see Jumanji. I’d enjoyed the original as a kid and was interested to see how this new version approached the idea of being sucked into a game. I actually enjoyed it and laughed a lot.

So here’s your prompt: Write a story in which at least one character gets sucked into a game (board or video). Try to make it humorous somehow. You have as many words as you want.

I’d love if you share your story here. Please paste a link to your story on your blog or on a Google doc.