“Returning Home”

You can see my selected photo here, on Richard Buchanan II’s portfolio site.

Clay skeletons

Stand at the burial

Of their eroded brothers

Winter’s blanket

Dimpled by earth and sun

Cleans away grief, not hope

If buildings stood here once before

They can stand here again

On the graves of their ancestors

Home may never be the same

But the next generation can always return

This poem was in response to Sunday’s writing prompt.

Writing Prompt: Pick a Photo


This week, I’d like you to visit Richard Buchanan II’s photography portfolio. Choose a photo, and write a work of fiction or a poem inspired by that photo. You can write any length you deem necessary. Check back Tuesday for my response to this prompt! I already have my photo selected. Have fun!

As a bonus, send a link to your prompt to me or Richard (I’d be happy to pass it along to him). We’re both pretty excited about this combination of art forms!