Behind the Scenes: The Rings of Rings of Saturn

Originally, the “rings” in this story were a trio of bracelets. They were bronze, silver, and gold. One bracelet could send you back in time. Having two bracelets could send you forward–possessing all three granted the ability to travel to any time period.

This presented some logistical issues because it made it too easy for the protagonist to get back to her own time. To see what I changed the “rings” to, you’ll have to keep up with the story on WattPad!

Serial Fiction: Two Approaches

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 9.27.49 PM

Screenshot taken 3/30/18 @ 9:28 pm EDT

At present, I’m offering two works of serial fiction on WattPad: Pathogen and Rings of Saturn. While there are a number of differences between each of these stories, such as genre, one of the main differences is the way I’m approaching the work.

Pathogen has already been written for the most part. I’m editing and revising each piece for style before posting it, but the story is mostly composed and edited, and beyond that it’s planned.

Rings of Saturn, on the other hand, is something else. I have an overall plan in mind–i.e. I know where I’m going with the story and with each update before I sit down to write it, but I’m storing it in my head and just writing on the day of release.

The latter is how Dickens wrote his serial fiction, so I’m trying it out. I have other stories that are already drafted and could be released on WattPad in the same way I’m releasing Pathogen, but I’m not going to start any more stories until at least one more month. I want to finish my semester as a TA first and see how life is laying out for the last month of my MFA semester (by that point).

I’m enjoying trying out different approaches on WattPad. So far Rings of Saturn is proving the more popular story by number of reads as you can see from the screenshot above. It has only one more vote though. It’s too soon to tell if the difference is the genre/story or the way I’m approaching each project.

New Story on WattPad!

Announcing a new story on WattPad–Rings of Saturn! Join Evie as she travels back in time in a race against the clock to try to save an entire city of people. This story updates on Fridays. Get started reading it today.

WattPad and FanStory

I’m new to using both of these sites that I’ve been meaning to use for a really long time. What can I say? Other things had to happen first. But I want to share with you that I’m now active on both.



This is where I’ll post serial fiction. Right now, I’m working on Pathogen, a story I’ve been meaning to write and share for a long time. While my main fiction focus is on historical literary works, what I post on WattPad will be just for fun, for us to enjoy together. Because of that, I’m sorry to say–I’ll only be posting about 1,000 words or so each month.

Even with that pace, we can unfold stories there together, writer and readers. I just published this month’s section, which I originally wrote years ago as part of my MA program–but I wanted to give it a once over before publishing it and now I finally had the opportunity. Look for the story to continue next month!

Start reading Pathogen today.


This is where I’ll post short fiction and poetry. My main goal here, in addition to connecting with other writers, is to participate in contests. I started posting yesterday, and FanStory only allows me to post two things each day, so there are only four right now. But here’s what you can read if you head over there today:

  • “Dept. of Reformation,” a pastiche of Jenny Offil’s book, Dept. of Speculation
  • “The Coach,” a short story told only in dialogue, no dialogue tags or quotation marks.
  • “In Memoriam J.G.M.,” a pastiche of Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s “In Memoriam A.H.H.”
  • “Land of the Gods,” a poem I wrote after the earthquake, tidal wave, and nuclear meltdown in Japan

Update: After a few days of use, I’ve decided not to participate on FanStory. I’ve removed the above listed posts and I will share them here next week, along with others I’d posted to that site. 


I welcome feedback on both of these sites, so if you’re a member, please feel free to share your thoughts on these and any other pieces I share. Happy reading!