Writing Prompt: Random Date

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I used a random date generator to pick a date between 1600 and now–and this is what it came up with. So, your task is to write a story up to 300 words long that takes place on September 26, 1749. It can take place anywhere you like. Have fun!

Writing Prompt: Crack a Book


This week, open the book you’re currently reading. Choose the first full sentence on the left page. You must include that sentence in a story of no more than 200 words.

Have fun!

Writing Prompt: Parallel World


This week’s writing prompt is all about parallel worlds. You’re charged with writing a 300-500 word story involving a parallel world. All other parameters are up to you! Have fun!

Writing Prompt: Pick a Photo


This week, I’d like you to visit Richard Buchanan II’s photography portfolio. Choose a photo, and write a work of fiction or a poem inspired by that photo. You can write any length you deem necessary. Check back Tuesday for my response to this prompt! I already have my photo selected. Have fun!

As a bonus, send a link to your prompt to me or Richard (I’d be happy to pass it along to him). We’re both pretty excited about this combination of art forms!

Writing Prompt: Emotional Wound Thesaurus

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One of my favorite book series for writers is the thesauri written and published by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi. I have several of these thesauri, and the authors make a portion of their work available for free on Writers Helping Writers.

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 1.41.13 PM

This week, I decided to use this book to come up with a book prompt. I used a random number generator to choose a page number, and from that, here is this week’s prompt:

Write a 500-word story about a protagonist who is living through civil unrest.

Writing Prompt: Austen First Line


This week, I’d like to challenge you to begin a story as Jane Austen began Pride & Prejudice. That is, you must start your story with:

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of…

Continue the story from there. You can write any genre, any time period. You must keep your story to 500 words or less.

Writing Prompt: Alternate History


Choose one thing from history and change it–either as part of your story or as backstory–and write a 500-1k-word story based on that alternate history.